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We welcome new ideas
Below some of our activities and references

Mobile Oily Water Separator for Ballast Water Tank Oil Spill Response Job

January 16th, 2018

KD International, delivers mobile separator for oil spill response emergency projects. For incident management KD International has mobile oily water separators available and ready for transport. Due to an incident, several large tanks on board of a large transport vessel were contaminated with oil, to remove this oil, our high efficient separator is available and can so safe costs. Other rental units and separation systems are available for efficient polution emergency response. Please contact our staff for further information!

Deckdrain Separator for E&P Operator

November 22th, 2017

KD International delivered oily water separator skid for offshore deckdrain optimization project.Waters from offshore EP facilities can be contaminated with oil and other contaminants, client needed to clean this water stream and installed a KD International Oily water separator. With an unique combination of a pre-separation technology upstream of our (2) polishing vessels, the system is able to remove suspended solids and both free hydrocarbons. The combination of technologies makes the system unique in his kind, simple, robust and operator friendly.This mobile unit was skid mounted and ready to use, easy to install and is suitable for various types of contaminated waters including, deck waters, contaminated ballast waters, produced waters and other industrial water streams. We are happy yo welcome them as valued customer. Please contact our staff for more information!

KD supplies equipment to Offshore Oil & Gas client

July 7th, 2016

KD International supplies equipment for a wide range of applications for new built projects as well as for modification projects.By selecting high-quality and certified materials and packing, we can guarantee the quality and reliability. Upon client request the mechanical design can also be fully verified by Finite Element Analysis (FEA).Because KD International equipment is tailored to the requirements of each application, they can be easily installed in new projects or upgrade of equipment that are undergoing client requested modifications.

KD advise oil & gas companies about oil in water analyzers

July 21th, 2016

With more then a decade experience in oil in water treatment, KD's consultants are seen as a reliable partner for the industry. In close cooperation with our main equipment supplier we advise clients with process audits, sourcing, technology evaluation and where to buy monitoring systems. We are succesfull with this service for several companies in the oil & gas industry.Our preffered brand analyzers using the fluorescence measurement technique. Some of the models have additional benefit of spectral analysis.The introduction of this revolutionary oil in water analyzers began with the EX-100. It was the first on-going maintenance free analyzer to provide continuous uninterrupted accurate measurements of oil concentrations.For the first time, reliable real time data enabled operators to take accurate discharge measurements and thus take the next step to improve efficiency of separation processes and saving money.Please contact us for a consult.

First Riothermie project in Goes

June 8th, 2016

In close cooperation with the community of Goes and project the development company Marsaki, KD International is involved from initial study up to the final installation of the first Riothermie project in the Netherlands. For the first time Riothermie will installed in a free flow sewer pipe in the Netherlands in order to take out the thermal energy. 30 meters of Riothermie will sufficient to heat up 60 apartments with sustainable energy from the sewer. After the installation we will proudly invite all communities visit the beautiful city of Goes to see the installation.artikel vakblad riolering

KD supplies 3 mobile Vacuum Units to Offshore client

May 20th, 2015

KD supplies (3) offshore mud vacuum units to clear drippings and spillages of daily drill floor operations. Our vacuum unit collects, stores and moves drilled cuttings within a totally enclosed environment, minimizing spills and contamination. The unit can be moved from one location to another in a minimal amount of time and minimizes the amount of floor space required for operation. Further, the unit does not interrupt the drilling operation. The pump with superb performance and high reliability is connected to a robust frame and vacuum tank with adequate capacity.

Sucessfull installation of combined sewer overflow package

March 12th, 2015.

By design combined sewer system carry both rainwater and sewage in a common pipe. During periods of heavy rainfall the capacity of the System can be exceeded and an Overflow ist required to prevent surcharge of the System. The Overflow is known as combined sewer Overflow (CSO). The Overflow Event can discharge untreated effluent form the CSO outlet and the surrounding area can become contaminated with material Pollution that causes visual and potentially odour Problems.The KD International – CSO Screen Type ensures high Performance Screening at Overflows Weirs. We succesfully designed, delivered and installed this turn/key project within the agreed time scheduele. The screen is a simple and robust and is designed to prevent the discharge of Floating, suspended, non biodegradable, and solid material. The Screenings and solids are retained within the flow for later removal at the inlet works of the wastewater Treatment plant.

Exhibition Infratech 2015 Rotterdam, again big succes

January 20th, 2015.

Infratech 2015 in Rotterdam can already be seen as a successful exhibition. With the introduction of our KD heat exchanger for the extraction of thermal energy from wastewater. The innovative system is simple, almost “low tech”. The system consists of a stainless steel heat exchanger in the sewer, heat transfer piping to the building and a heat pump, in most of the projects combined with a peak load boiler, which is necessary at temperatures below 0°C (32 F). At the beginning of the development many engineering problems had to be solved, like corrosion, erosion, fouling, optimal control of heat transfer at the heat exchanger and the performance of heat pump and peak boiler in dependence of waste water flow and energy demand. Since the beginning of the idea with the basic patents, there has a lot of research work beeing done, with many more patents on fouling, construction, materials and special control systems. The fouling on the heat exchanger with a biofilm (thickness 4-5 mm) reduces the heat transfer by about 40%. With a patented anti-fouling system consisting of specially installed copper stripes, the reduction in heat transfer can be reduced to about 15%. Other major improvements have been reached with newly developped stainless steels.

KD signs new contract for large overflow package.

June 11th, 2014.

Most of the communities still have combined sewer systems. Combined sewer overflow discharged during heavy rain events are known to cause serious water pollution problems in many of these communities. Pollutants include debris that are hazardous to the public, environment and well-being. We proudly inform you about a recently signed contract for one of our clients. Most likely the project will be installed the beginning of 2015.

KD supplies large number of concrete oily water separators.

December 21th, 2013.

We are happy to inform you about a recently supplied large number of concrete oily water separators to one of our industrial clients. We constantly updates our products and our design in order to offer optimal solutions, increased through the co-ordination of different technologies and in accordance to client requirements. With a long experience, and leadership in the design and manufacturing of oily water separators our team delivers fully assembled "pre-fabricated" oily water separators ready for installation. At KD we look forward to your fluid management needs in the near future.