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Slop water is a general term for water contaminated with hydrocarbons as well as other chemicals and wastes produced on offshore drilling rigs from drilling operations, cleaning the pipe and drill floor.

Slop water is a mixture of rain water, water containing oil or water-based mud from the drains at the drill floor, soap and dope from cleaning of pipe threads at deck, mud and chemical residuals from the mud pump room and mud mix room, or even water mixed with hydraulic oil from any leakage. Slop water is collected at a tank or several tanks and shipped onshore at very high costs for the oil company.

Regulations for slop water globally state that no oily water is to be discharged overboard without proper treatment leading to an acceptable concentration of contaminants. The traditional management of offshore drilling slop water is costly and wasteful. Contaminated fluids like; drilling and completion fluids, cleaning water from rig pits, tanks, pipes and decking, all slop waters must be shipped to shore for treatment and disposal or be re-injected offshore. This results into high transportation costs and also the cleaning of the support vessel, resulting in extra costs.

The presence of surfactants in slop waters can cause very stable emulsions, treating this water by the use of chemicals like coagulants in combination with flocculants requires chemicals handling & storage, specialized personnel and extra transports.

KD International offers a slop water treatment system, using several separation technologies fitted for the application and effluent requirements. We offer modular systems, depending on space requirements. KD International designed a slop water system, easy to operate and does not require chemical additions.

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