Drag Chains

Water is our most important
Natural Resource

Drag Chain Series


The Design solutions adopted for our drag chains are the result of many years of experience coming from design and construction of Oil and Gas field proven drag chains still working in worldwide offshore in severe conditions both environmental and operational. The current design (KD INTERNATIONAL original design) encompasses features for cost effective production and reduced wear of the drag chain critical components. The above goal is achieved through a state of the art production and control equipment assuring close dimensional tolerances. As general guide the design of the innovative rotation joint allows for reduction of connecting parts, reducing interstices and relevant dirty accumulation. 

Drag Chain Package


In addition to the above, KD INTERNATIONAL has a deep understanding of the right procedure to avoid contamination of stainless steel surfaces as well as a deep knowledge of stainless steel surface cleaning and hardening technology for a better performance and longer operative life. This KD INTERNATIONAL competence results in surface electro- polishing, conforming DIN8590 standard, of all drag chains, and accessories (screws, etc.). Our team is complete with designers with years of experience in the design of drag chains for the offshore industry. Also more complicated projects, large diameters, long drag chains, rotary drag chains, drag chains for Thrusters (FPSO) etc.