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Rainwater Run-off Treatment, Airports
EN858, Oily Water Separators

There are many possible applications for KD International Separators at airport facilities. Airports all have fuel storage facilities for jet fuel, some small and others very large. The storage tanks and their accompanying pumps, filters, and piping are usually contained in a restricted area for safety reasons in case of a spill or fire. Rainwater that falls within this area will become contaminated with leaks from the tanks, from valves or flanges or perhaps from changing the fuel filter cartridges and must be treated if discharged to surface waters.

Separators for this application require careful design to manage possible spills as well as the normal flow of storm water.

Airport Fueling Aprons:
Similar design conditions exist for fueling aprons as apply to fuel farms, but the possible spills are usually much less in volume.

Vehicle Maintenance Facilities:
Most airports have vehicle maintenance facilities for fire equipment, and other vehicles needed for the operation of the airport. KD International systems can be used to remove oil from water resulting from these operations.

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