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Completion Fluids Filtration
Workover Fluids Filtration
KD International offers a complete product portfolio for optimizing your production with solids free completion fluids. Our filtration solutions minimize downtime and formation damage.

Water based fluids on onshore and offshore rigs usually consist primarily of clear brines. The only problem with clear brines is that they are not ever really clear. They always contain sus- pended materials, including weighting agents, drill solids, perforating debris, sand, scale, rust and more.

When completion or workover operations are conducted on a well (perforating, gravel packing, etc.), the fluid present in the wellbore must minimize the impact on the near-wellbore permeability. A wide variety of fluids are now available as completion or workover fluids. Substantial amounts of solids can be pushed into the formation while circulating through a well, resulting in a loss of permeability in the near-wellbore region and significantly reducing performance rates. Rapid reductions in permeability are observed even with relatively clean fluids. Most of the high-density brines used can be quite expensive. Large volumes of fluid loss can add substantially to the cost of a completion operation.

KD’s completion fluids filtration facilities are often used to clarify and filter completion brines, which helps to reduce the permeability impairment substantially. Most of the high-density brines used can be quite expensive. Selection of the correct filtration technologies is critical in order to produce cleaner completion fluids. Through expert analysis KD’s filtration services provide the optimum combination of filtration equipment and consumables to maximize well productivity. Available filtration equipment includes the DE (diatomaceous earth) VPLF (vertical pressure leaf filter) unit for reduced footprint requirements. Typically, these units are run along with a dual-pod cartridge unit.