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Pipeline Flushing Filtration
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After new fabrication or repair of piping and tubing, it is important to flush the lines to remove all foreign debris (welding slag, dirt, metal fines, etc), thereby preventing premature component failure. One way to ensure optimal system cleanliness is to perform periodic pipeline flushing. By circulating hot oil or a flushing fluid through the piping of a system at a very high flow rate, turbulent flow can be achieved, which dislodges particles that would otherwise cling to the walls during laminar flow. These particles are then removed from the piping as the fluid is circulated through a series of high-efficiency filter elements.

For pipeline flushing, duplex filtration skids and automatic selfcleaning filtration skids are available to perform a wide array of filtration services. These filtration skids can operate continuously without interrupting your process.

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