Rental Coalescing Filtration Skid

Rental Coalescing Filtration Skid


KD maintains a fleet of rental Coalescing Filtration Skids ready to serve your separating needs. Our rental units are skid mounted and shipped ready for operation. KD rents equipment by the week or month and will make special pricing arrangements for long-term rentals.

With an unique combination of our Coalescing plate technology inside a pressurized separator as crucial pre-separation stage upstream of (2) polishing vessels the series PW-100 is able to remove suspended solids and both free and non/emulsified hydrocarbons. The combination of technologies makes this rental system unique in his kind, simple, robust and operator friendly. The high efficient pressurized pre-separation stage allows the waste water to be treated continuously even when there are slugs present. Depending on the type of water the operator can decide to use KD’s granular Absorption Media Cartridges for the removal of total petroleum hydrocarbons from water.

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