Amine Filtration

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Amine Filtration
KD International offers a complete product portfolio for optimizing and cleaning of your amine.

Contaminated Amine systems can cause serieus problems in the process stream. Fauling in amine system can result into; Amine foaming, Corrosion problems, Fouling problems in the process, Decreased life time of the carbon Bed, Higher amine consumption, Reducing amine efficiency and plant capacity.

KD’s filtration services provide the optimum combination of filtration equipment and consumables to maximize your amine fluid cleanness. Our cleaning package removes effective contaminations from your Amine stream. KD International delivers a complete coalescing, filtration and separation equipment for this application. Our clean-up product range includes; Electrochemical Treatment Skids, Coalescing Filtration Skids, Mobile Oily Water Separators, Dual Vessel Cartridge Units, Air- and Electrical driven pump Skids and Filter Cartridges.

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