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Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination
Membrane Separation Processes
KD and partners works in marine (both naval and commercial) and industrial markets, concentrating on membrane separation processes, predominantly Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nano-Filtration (NF) and Ultra-Filtration (UF), to treat water for drinking, process and industrial purposes. We are able to manufacture plants of all sizes, from 1 mÑ/d package desalination plant through to custom built packages as large as 2,000 mÑ/d installed on-site. Plants can also be offered designed and constructed inside standard ISO containers or trailer mounted, thereby allowing quick hook-up and commissioning.

Marine Seawater Desalination
Skid-mounted Seawater Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination plants for use on-board ships. Capacities from 1 mÑ/d up to 2,000 mÑ/d.

Modular Marine Seawater Desalination
Modular seawater RO desalination plants for use on-board ships. Capacities from 1 mÑ/d up to 1,000 mÑ/d. Designed on a project by project basis to suit the available space envelope and taking accessibility into account.

Naval Seawater Desalination
Skid-mounted seawater RO desalination plants for use onboard naval vessels. Capacity range of 5 mÑ/d up to 500 mÑ/d. Plants are designed to remain captive after a shock
event and include a high level of specification along with additional bracketry, etc..

Up to 2,000m3/d Nanofiltration (NF) plants for industrial and drinking water production. NF can be used as an alternative to base exchange water softening.

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis
Brackish water RO plants for treating borehole and surface water. Used for the production of drinking or process water. These plants can also be used to treat town mains water to
provide very low TDS water.

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