Pre-Reverse Osmose Filtration

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Pre-Reverse Osmose Filtration
Polishing Cartridge Filtration
Cartridge filtration is the final safety step to protect the membranes and high pressure pump from any suspended particles. Polishing cartridges filters are in use in many applications. Reverse Osmose R.O. system manufacturers recommend final pre-filtration before the pressure pump and membrane filter with cartridges of < 5 micron.

KD international offers a wide range of filter skids & replacement filter cartridges for Reverse Osmose plant polishing filtration.
Properly selected cartridge filtration as the final safety step has a number of benefits:
• Protects membranes and high pressure pump.
• Removes any remaining suspended particles.
• Reduces membrane cleaning requirements.
• Reduces risk of fouling.
• Removes residual flocks and particles after multi media.
• Provided useful information regarding fouling risks and cleaning requirements
(by regular inspections of used cartridges).
• Indicates extent of fouling with increase in pressure drop.
• Provides short-term protection of the membranes while corrective action is taking

KD International delivers also R.O. Plants for offshore & land applications.

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