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Coalescing and Separation of
Liquids from Liquids

API/CPI/TPI Separator (Retrofit)

SERIES Retrofit Package

If your existing API/CPI/TPI, oily water separator is not functioning well, wether due to the design, poor effluent performance or fouling problems, we would be able to retrofit your existing API/CPI/TPI separator tank. These could be old large API pits at refineries or petrochemical plants or above the ground large steel tanks. We will add more plate surface per m3 of separator tank volume and per m2 of separator tank area then the execisting design, therefore we are able to increase efficiency. Important factors we take into consideration are; plate surface area, flow rate’s, sizing, efficiency and probably most important understanding the overall process and possible fouling issue’s. We could scheduele a plant visit, speak to the operators, undertand the system and see if it is worthwhile retrofitting. In close cooperation with the client and our engineering team we will create a customized retrofit design. Once the “Advanced” API/CPI/TPI Separator (retrofit) internals are delivered we can support during installation and start-up all around the world.

CPI/TPI Separator (below ground)


The traditional CPI and TPI separators have a relatively small plate surface per m3 of separator tank volume and per m2 of separator tank area. It was necessary to maximize the plate surface in order to increase efficiency. This was achieved trough unique design of our coalescing plate’s. These below ground separators could be build prefabricated from special concrete and transport all around the world or build by a local civil contractors. For the project execution of an “Advanced” CPI/TPI Separator (below ground) we normally provide a basics separator layout and detailed design engineering for all internals. All internals including pipes and could be fabricated from PE, carbon steel or stainless steel. Normally the design of these type of separators is customized.

CPI/TPI Separator (above ground)


The last decade oil and gas companies rapidly developed off and on shore activities.  This generated demand for compact oily water separators. Normally space is very limited on rigs and platforms and weight must be saved to the maximum possible extent. At KD’s “Advanced” CPI/TPI Separator (above ground) the water flows in a laminar stream between the plates in a horizontal direction. Oil is separated by floating upwards along the tops of the coalescing plates to the surface of the separator. Heavier particles at the same time settle along the bottom of the coalescing plates and slide down the plates to be collected in a sludge chamber. Our series separators can be fed by gravity or pumped. Each separator can be equipped with skimmers or integrated oil tank. The separator can be customized and prefabrecated in both carbon and stainless steel and be designed for high range of flow rate’s.