Flowback and well clean-up treatment

Flowback and Well clean-up treatment
Overboard Discharge
KD International offers a complete product portfolio for optimizing your production with solids free flowback and well fluids. Our filtration solutions minimize downtime and formation damage. The purpose of well testing on development wells is to clean-up and commission the well, prior to its connection to the permanent production facility.

Current methods for disposal in a well test or clean-up involve burners, water remediation, storage of produced fluids to a tank. In areas where strict regulations exist regarding the disposal of liquids by burning, well tests are performed without burning oil. Gas can be flared, and produced fluids stored in a barge or in workboat tanks for transport back to a land-based disposal facility.

KD’s filtration services provide the optimum combination of filtration equipment and consumables to maximize your fluid cleanness. KD International delivers a complete coalescing, filtration and separation equipment for this application. Our clean-up product range includes; Electrochemical Treatment Skids, Coalescing Filtration Skids, Mobile Oily Water Separators, Dual Vessel Cartridge Units, Air- and Electrical driven pump Skids and Filter Cartridges.

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