Oily Waste Water Treatment

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Oily Waste Water Treatment
Petroleum Refineries and Petrochemical Industry
KD International offers a complete product portfolio for the treatment of your oil refineries and petrochemical plant wastewaters. Our separation solutions minimize maintenance downtime, lower the cost of production, keeps compliance with regulations and could possible expand your treatment capacity.

The wastewater from Petroleum industries and refineries mainly contains oil, organic matter and other compounds. The treatment of this wastewater can be carried out by physical, chemical and biological treatment processes. The separation of contaminants (oil, gas, solids or combinations) is gravity driven based on particle size, density differences between various components. An important factor to improve efficiency is our large coalescing plate separation surface.

Our staff has extensive experience in developing, engineering, building and commissioning separators all around the world. We have standard models, but could customize any unit to the client specifications. We offer the market a range of new build equipment and temporary solutions. Depending on the contaminants we will select our clients a suitable technology.

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