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Waste Water Treatment
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Every product or by-product on site has cost you money to bring in and process. Product or by-product recovery can have substantial return on investment in today’s economy. Even if treatment plants can handle the loads, the reuse or resale value of the recovered product can, in most cases, be easily justified. Reducing the load on a treatment plant, will help maintain its performance optimized and, substantially reduce upsets and downtime.

KD International offers high efficient treatment systems & waste water separators that helps you recover and reuse waste water that would otherwise be lost. The KD’s Oily Water Separator is an enhanced gravity separation system for removing oil droplets from water. The design utilizes the difference in specific gravities between the oil and the water to perform the separation. Almost any hydrocarbon oil and most non-hydrocarbon oils may be separated from water very satisfactorily. Whether you operate a batch or a continuous process, KD’s oily water separator will deliver the required performance at a much lower operating cost. KD’s oily water separator can pre-treat your wastewater reducing your downstream chemical consumption, filtering needs and system upsets. Our Oily water separator will remove oils and solids that contribute to your, BOD, COD and TSS values, and adversely affect downstream treatment.

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